Juan De Fuca Arts and Crafts Guild

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to learn, share, market and promote the skills of a wide variety of artists and crafters from all skill levels in a welcoming environment.
We support and encourage the personal growth of our members and the enrichment of the community.
Vision Statement:
Our Guild provides a vibrant, rewarding, fun, social and learning environment for a diverse and active fellowship of artists and craft people. We enrich our community through flexible participation, sharing of ideas and skills, and respect for each other’s goals, including learning, teaching and promoting and /or selling our works.
A Brief History Of The Juan De Fuca Arts and Crafts Guild.
Our Guild, the first in the Victoria area, was founded in November 1975, when a group of craft people advertised in the local newspaper for like-minded people to come together.
Forty-seven people came to the first meeting at the Juan de Fuca Curling Club, and decided to “have a sale and see what happens next” The rest is history!
Membership grew and six groups were founded: Cottage Crafts, Fibres, Clay, Painting and Drawing, Third Dimension, Graphic Arts.
Our traditional November Show and sale now called “Holiday Gifts Galore” has been a popular part of the Guild since it’s inception.
In 2004 we undertook a major review of the Guild, its goals and function in our communities. We found the fundamentals to be sound after almost 30 years. An indication of the wisdom of our founders, many of whom are still active in the Guild.
Our Guild is unique in its diversity–both in terms of the variety of arts and crafts our members do, and in terms of the reasons our members belong.


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2 Responses to Juan De Fuca Arts and Crafts Guild

  1. wendy says:

    looking good. it will be better with the JdF seagull logo. the blue colour is perfect.
    you do mention the Westshore, but maybe it should say Victoria BC too? the web is a big place!!

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