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Juan De Fuca Arts and Crafts Guild Donations of clean fabric and yarns are accepted for our charity projects. Our Facebook page is:

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Coming Events





JDF Membership fees are due for 2018-2019

New Membership* $30.00
New Family Membership** $50.00
New member after 01-Feb* $15.00
New Family member after 01-Feb ** $25.00
Renewal Membership $25.00
Renewal Family Membership $40.00
* includes Guild nametag
** includes 2 Guild Nametags

For further information please contact

Gail 250-478-8439  or Anne 250-474-7060

Attached is a membership form, for renewing your Guild membership, which is due September 21.

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We welcome all Enthusiasts of Art and Crafts on the West shore and Southern Vancouver Island


Please join us on FaceBook

Forty-seven people came to the first meeting at the Juan de Fuca Curling Club, and decided to “have a sale and see what happens next” The rest is history!

Membership grew and six groups were founded: Cottage Crafts, Fibres, Clay, Painting and Drawing, Third Dimension, Graphic Arts.

For $30 a year, Workshops were offered.  demonstrations and lectures organized, and three or four Sales were held each year. A members’ Library was established and we bought tools, such as a mat cutter and a Raku Kilm, for members use.

A student Bursary Program was established,

Quilts and Afghans made for local hospitals and extended-care facilities, and raffles held to raise money for charities such as the Terry Fox Foundation and purchasing roll-away cots for parents who had to stay at the Pediatric Ward at the New Victoria General Hospital.

Membership peaked in about 1980 at just over 150 members, Other Guilds formed, and other sales were organized.  People’s lives got busier, and membership slowly declined to about 50 members and 4 groups by the end of the 1990’s.

Our traditional November Show and sale now called “Holiday Gifts Galore” has been a popular part of the Guild since its inception.

In 2004 we undertook a major review of the Guild, its goals and function in our communities. We found the fundamentals to be sound after almost 30 years. An indication of the wisdom of our founders, many of whom are still active in the Guild.

Our Guild is unique in its diversity–both in terms of the variety of arts and crafts our members do, and in terms of the reasons our members belong.

Some are primarily interested in selling their wares: others are primarily interested in socializing with others with similar interests. This diversity is sometime challenging when different opinions must be considered, but it keeps the Guild interesting for members at all skill levels, and strengthens our foundations to grow and change with the times and our member’s needs. It will be interesting to see how the Guild looks in another 30 years

About Membership:

Our year membership year runs from Sept 1 to Aug 31 and is payable before the September general meeting each year.

The Guild has 5 general meeting per year, and since policies are drafted and voted on at these meetings, all members are expected to attend.

To facilitate the interaction of people with similar interests,our Guild also meets in groups. Each group meets regularly and has a coordinator to facilitate connection between groups. Members may participate in as many groups as they wish.

The Guild Newsletter is published five time s a year, prior to the meetings.

We sponsor or participate in several events throughout the year. Members are expected to provide “service” to the Guild to qualify to take part in sales events.

Service can be demonstrations at meetings or events,  teaching a workshop, clerical or administrator tasks. organizing events or other activities.

We strive to have each member to serve in their own way.

A commission is charged on members products that are sold at Guild event .


This will be where we put upcoming events and news for all the different elements that make up the fabric of the gifted and talented Artists and Craft people in the West Shore Communities. This encompasses   Southern Vancouver Island

Basically we are represented by :

The Painters,who meet at Pilgrim United Church Lower hall at 7pm to 9. pm the second Thursday of the month. The painters group are the folks who paint with oils, acrylics and /or watercolours, plus other mediums.

Cottage Crafts: These are the people who sew, quilt, knit and fabricate amazing item. Many of these item are made to support local charities. They meet twice a month once in the evening and once in the afternoon from 10:00 AM  until 2:00.PM. the crafters bring their own sewing machines.These hard working people give so very much back to the community in articles  made and donated, raffles, sale of work.
COTTAGE CRAFTS: Cottage Crafts group continues
to meet at The Brittany, twice a month. Along
with our own projects, we have been busy with various
community and charitable projects. In 2014 we
turned over 33+ baby quilts to local young moms
via community groups. This month we turned over
more than 150 “bear bags” to Canada Comforts to
go with knit teddies sent to orphanages or areas of
disaster around the world. Various CC members
knit washcloths for the maternity kits Canada Comforts
assemble for small hospitals around the
world. Last week one member, who wishes to remain
anonymous, gave me 40 washcloths to turn in
that she had made over the last while.
Joan Ruxton is our coordinator for the quilt projects
and will be bringing fabric strips to the March 2
meeting for those who are willing to bring sewing
machines to work on strip quilts. Members of other
groups are welcome to come and help. For those
who don’t sew, pressing, pinning and cutting
Upcoming meeting dates: March 2 and 23, April 13
and 27, May 11 and 25

Help them to give to the community. Support the sale of Crafts in November. (Details later) Also you can be helped with

any donations of yarn, cloth, filling, and other craft materials, help us to give back to the community. 

There is a special need at the moment for thread. Especially light and white colour.

The Fibre Group are people who enjoy spinning, weaving, knitting and anything Fibre related.they meet mostly in each others homes weekly on Thursday from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Many are also members of the Victoria Handspinners and Weavers Guild and also some of the knitters meet in each others homes Contact  Wendy Mitchell 250-474-4651

Some also belong to the Knit Cafe, a group who meet every  1st and 3rd Monday at 7 pm  and 2nd and 4th Tuesday at  Pm at The  Metchosin Community House at 4430 Happy Valley Road. On Monday, they meet at 7 to 9 PM  and for Tuesday from 1 til 3 PM

PLEASE NOTE:  Please note knit cafe is Tuesday , 1-3  

This is sponsored by Board of the Metchosin Community Association.

Then there is The 3D Group.  This group is where a person fits if they do not fit into any of the other four groups .

Wood carvers, pottery, jewelry, bird houses, Christmas ornaments, macramé, stone cutters, flower arrangements and and. You name it and there is a crafter who does it.

3D folks meet 3 or 4 times a year for a social time and sharing what they are each doing , and sharing admiration in each other’  crafting projects.

The main Group is  made up of the members in the five sub groups meets 5 times a year the third wed. of Sept. Nov,Jan,March and May

Please send information to be posted  regarding your events.

Check often.

This page will reflect what you contribute

Send admission for consideration to

I would appreciate all committee heads, to send me a copy of their monthly reports so members who are

absent can keep current.


JDF Membership fees are due for 2014-2015.

New Membership* $30.00
New Family Membership** $50.00
New member after 01-Feb* $15.00
New Family member after 01-Feb ** $25.00
Renewal Membership $25.00
Renewal Family Membership $40.00
* includes Guild Nametag
** includes 2 Guild Name tags

For further information please contact

Gail 250-478-8439  or Anne 250-474-7060

Attached is a membership form, for renewing your Guild membership, which is due September 1.
If you print off the form, fill it in and mail it with your cheque to the address on the form, Carol will be able to complete her paperwork prior to the General Meeting (September 17), and receipts will be available for pick up at that meeting.

jdf regestration


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