Arts & Alzheimers.

The Arts & Alzheimer’s

‘We Rage We Weep’ Foundation approached me in the winter of 2010/2011 to be the Artist Guide for their first 8 week sessions of Art & Music for clients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and living at home. We still operate today.

With Louise Rose as Music Guide, we spend 2 hours on Thursday mornings being creative and singing at the Oak Bay United Church at Mitchell and Granite.

This program benefits people with Alzheimer’s by providing mental stimulation, creative expression, fine motor skills and socialization. It is also a respite for the caregivers if they choose. At present we have had 3 successful A & A sessions!

As the Coordinator of the Painters, I presented an overview of the A & A to the Painters group and later to the Juan De Fuca Guild, asking whether they would be willing to volunteer their help. The Honorarium given to me would be shared with the Painters. I am pleased with their positive responses. There have been at least 2 or 3 Painters and other Guild members show up each week to lend their support to this program.

In September we will begin another 10 week session and the Painters again will volunteer time and energy to this worthwhile project. In the Art Sessions, the volunteers sit next to a client and help where/when needed. They bring enthusiasm, empathy and inspire creativity in people with Alzheimer’s. The Honorarium helps Painters pay the rent for their meeting space each month and for Artists to demonstrate and teach skills to the group.

This year we are in our second 10 week session ending June 28th. Some of the Art projects so far have ranged from w/c paintings of daffodils, a Collage using Vancouver Island map and a Road Trip theme, and a special floral arrangement for Mother’s Day with a small card with their own printed words relating to virtues taught by their Mother. There are 12 people registered for the A & A and it is free to Alzheimer’s people living at home.

In April a new A & A 10 week session began at the Les Passmore Centre, at 286 Hampton Rd., Saanich Silver Threads, near Tillicum. They meet Tuesday afternoon from 1 pm to 2 (Art with Sepora Mayim) and 2pm to 3 (Music, under the leadership of Louise Rose) At present, there are 13 clients registered for the Tuesday programs.

Questions relating to the Programme? Want to Volunteer?

Call/email me –Esther White 250 478 9762 or


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