Fibre Friends

Most fibre folk get addicted to fibre of all kinds


These are the folks who stalk sheep, hoping to score a beautiful fleece,  spin beautiful yarns, weave delightful cloth and experiment and create a wonder of things using every type of fibre that can be found. They meet at each other houses once a week to spin,knit, or just have a coffee. Each year they take part in Spin in’s, demonstrations, and competition.

The Fibre Friends are active supporters of VHWASG and Metchosin Community Association. An up coming even of interest is an email we have recently received that may be of interest to members

Fibres: So many of our members go south for the winter that we decided to meet every second
Thursday instead of every week. We will probably go back to Wednesdays later this Spring when the
snowbirds return. Many of us enjoyed the Victoria Guild’s Annual Spin-In at the end of February.
Over 80 women with their wheels spinning and chattering all the time plus shopping from seven
different vendors made for an exhilarating day. We have been a little slow on completing our group
blanket/throw this Winter, but we are looking forward to showing it off soon! I am hoping to pass
the coordinators job to Gail Bartle as she has been doing most of our organizing this past year anyway!
Thank you Gail!
Wendy Mitchell

Yarn math 
For example, if 12 balls of the required yarn have 145 yards (133 meters) each, then the total number of yards (meters) you’ll need is:

12 balls x 145 yards = 1,740 total yards.

Because you must buy full balls of yarn (and because it’s always a good idea to have a little extra yarn), you’ll want to buy 11 balls of the substitute yarn.

—Vicki Square, The Knitter’s Companion

If you’re in a yarn shop and you need to figure this out, don’t forget about the calculator on your phone! I use mine all the time for “knitting math.”

childsize chart


Snow Owl 8 inches tall


  Fleece ,Felt, Water add we have beautiful rugs. Wendy was the one who started it.
She announced she had some fleece that were felting on the sheep before they were sheared. Why don’t we ll gather at Pat’s and complete the process and see what we get.
Each fleece was a different colour and some were stronger than others. The felting method we used was a  series of stopsRolling, rolling, rolling, first examine the fleece, and pick off any vegetable matter.
Occasionally the vegetable matter had made a short cut through the bowels. Then we turned the fleece over and applied hot water and soap.
The lanolin on the pieces was a thick yellow tallow near the roots.
After we wet it down and patted down and gently rubbed the fibres together we rolled it in a bamboo shade and rolled it up tight.
Rosalie aquitted herself well, doing an excellent job of first aid ties. then it gets 200 rolls, first with hands rolling left right, right left then on the driveway up and down the driveway. finally we looked and Voila! felted rugs. we worked in 2’s and 4’s and 3’s. It was a whole day and we hardly noticed the time pass.
Only the aching backs. It worked out that everyone got a felted fleece of part of one. Each  of us with different projects in mind.
Soozy was thinking of accessories for the dolls she makes with the clotho-dolics,. Rosalie wanted a tea cozy. Wendy and Pat had secrets in store,
Sue was happy to provide her hubby with a seat cover for his motor bike. patty-anne had an idea of a saddle blanket but changed her mind to a throw mat.
kind of looks like road kill
The weather was perfect. The company outstanding and the production  excellent
. Everyone said lets go again tomorrow. So that sounds

Wendy with the weighty dropspindle

 like success to me.
Oh and WENDY! once she had given all the orders,
she settled to the heavy work, with the drop spindle

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If you want to see a report on the Fibrations




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