Painters Group

The Juan De Fuca painters consist of about 35-40 individuals who create their masterpieces using assortments of media         including acrylics, oils, watercolours, pastels, pen and ink, and multimedia.

Our diverse group ranges in age and skill set, and is always looking for new members to share our enthusiasm and pleasure in the creative process.

The Painters meet monthly They share the latest information about different mediums and techniques, and encourage all to actively participate.

The Painters Group may may arrange to show their art at various locations within the Capital Region.

 More information will be provided from

Painter’s: The Painters had meetings in January and February at the Juan de Fuca Library. Deborah
Tilby shared some tips on colour mixing and Shirley Schmidt introduced us to loose , layered watercolours.
Esther White and volunteers continue to provide art guidance for Arts & Alzheimer’s which
included a trip to the Art Gallery in January. The Painters have been showing some of the members
works at the Juan de Fuca Library, the show runs from Feb 1- March 1st.
Liz Wells

Paint-Out: Starting Tuesday April 1, 2014 through to September 30, 2014 we will
meet to paint, photograph or whatever in the areas around Victoria.
Places to be planned by those who attend. We enjoy seeing different sites, so are open to suggestions.
Everyone welcome. This group shows their paintings/drawing/
photography etc. at the Priory on a regular basis, changing pictures every three months.
For information and to be on the email list contact Dorothy Donovan at 250-474-8848, or email or by website


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