Metchosin Community Association…

In  regards to the Knit Cafe. I reproduce a letter from the Director.

For a variety of reasons, the May schedule for the Knitting Cafe has been changed to the following
Monday, May 7, 7-9pm (The 3rd Monday, 21st, is the Victoria Day holiday)
Tuesday, May 15, 1-3 pm and Tuesday, May 29, 1-3pm
The afternoon group has already said they would like to continue meeting in June and I would be interested to know whether the evening group would like to do the same. I was proposing to have July and August off as the outdoors and gardens beckon and most of us like to enjoy whatever sunshine comes our way. However, if enough people want to continue during the summer, the MCA Board would be willing to make the House available but someone would need to take the responsibility of setting things up, etc. as I will be away quite a bit. Please let me know what you would like to do.
I was wondering whether in the Fall session, you would like to have some short discussions on such things as recommendations for knitting sites, where to buy yarn, successes and failures with projects, demonstrations of Continental style knitting and casting on techniques, and perhaps two or three people at a session could tell us something about themselves and how they became knitters. Just ideas – nothing too formal.
I would like to thank Wendy Mitchell for putting forward the proposal to have a Knitting Cafe and to thank all of you for coming along. It has been extremely enjoyable to meet old friends and make new ones and to share in the pleasures of knitting with such sociable and friendly people. Your donations have covered the costs of the refreshments and a donation of $226.55 to the Community House. I reported this today at a Board meeting and was asked to pass along their thanks.
Happy Knitting!

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