Tuesday Paint Out

This Art group of friends, not particularly JDF Guild or Senior Centre  but just friends who meet – the group is very loosely connected as they do do not have any other name other than Tuesday Paint Out. They have had that name almost from the beginning as there are other Plein air groups so it clarifies just who they are.

They have a show area in the Showcase of Arts April 28 and 29th. Room 202 at the 55+ Senior Centre Saturday 28th 10-4, Sunday 10 – 3 – Twelve artist are involved which is quite a showing for a small group.

They meet every Tuesday at 9:30 in the 55+ Senior Centre parking lot under the Secoya Tree and carpool to the planned location. Each week they plan where they will go for the next week, so they can’t put a list in.

There are three things happening that could be included
1. Every third week of the month they meet at Alexander Mackie Residence on Station Rd and paint with resident artists in the art room – this is year round.
2. They are loosely following the route of Emily Carr this summer as the community honours her and there is a contest ending in October. See Coast Collective website for more information. We may individually enter this show if we wish.
3. At the end of August (date not set yet) they will have a show “Art at Evadars” on Peatt. It will be a Saturday and everyone mans their own table and display. This will be the third year they have done this and enjoy this opportunity.

Links from members



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